Security Policy

Security Procedures

At Impala Park Pre-Primary School, it is our aim to ensure a safe environment for all children. We aim to make the drop off and collection of children as smooth and as safe as possible. Below you will find the security procedures. Please take some time to read it to ensure this runs effectively and efficiently.

Pick up

Parents will be asked to provide the name of persons permitted to collect a child from school. These should be recorded on the registration form. Any person(s) not permitted to collect a child will also be recorded. In special circumstances, a parent/care giver will be asked to provide a photograph if possible, or detailed description.

Leaving school grounds

Staff cannot permit a child to leave the school with anyone other than the named person unless otherwise advised by the parents in advance. The permission must be in written form before the time of the collection. The parents need to phone and the identity of the person needs to be confirmed, before releasing the child to the adult.

No person under 18 years 

Staff cannot permit the child to leave with anyone who is not over the age of 18 years, unless the person is the parent of the child.

Daily register

The register must be signed by the named person before the child will be allowed to leave the premises. It is the responsibility of the Teacher to ensure that a proper handover takes place.

Fingerprint security access

The fingerprint security access must be used at all times. Please do not allow people to enter the school premises without using finger print security access as this will compromise the security. In order to prevent unauthorised access, reception must approach the person before opening the gate manually. All fingerprints must be registered.

Taxi Services

If the child makes use of a taxi service, the taxi driver must be introduced to the relevant teacher.

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