Rules & conditions of enrollment

1. Pick up and drop off

Impala Park Pre-Primary School will be open from and on duty to receive children from 06:45. children must be handed over to their teacher or the person on duty and may not be dropped at the gate. School closes at 17:30. Please notify the office if you plan to collect your child earlier than usual or if someone else will be collecting your child. Your child will not be permitted to leave with any person whose name is not on your application form without prior notification from the parents, even if your child knows the person To be safe we will require a copy of the ID documents of both parents to keep in your child’s file along with copies of any other person who might pick up your child. If a different person shows up we will call you first or alternatively you can make a note of this in the communication book. Parents who are late collecting their children are requested to notify the school as soon as possible.

2. School Terms

Impala Park Pre-Primary School closes the 2nd Friday of December and opens again and will open the 2nd Monday of January. Impala Park Pre-Primary School will also be closed on all public holidays, but will remain open during public school holidays.

3. Fees

Fees are payable in advance by the 7th of each month. Fees can be paid via EFT, debit order or cash (not at the office) into the school bank account. Fees are payable over eleven months. Fees can be paid monthly, annually or per term. No reductions will be made for absences. No Cash for school fees will be accepted in the office. Fees are subject to an annual increase.

4. Notice

There is a one month notice period for children leaving the school. Children who leave in the last term of the year will not be refunded for the December portion of the fees. Notice is to be given in writing. Parents are liable for the full notice period.

5. Mattress Covers

Childrens bedding will be send home every Friday to be washed and returned on Monday.

6. Toys

Unfortunately we do not allow personal toys as it might get lost or broken. However your child is allowed to bring a favourite blanket or sleeping soother.

7. Illness

Infections and illness are easily transmitted from one child to another in a school environment and the only way to eliminate this is for you to keep your sick child at home for the duration of the illness. We would greatly appreciate your co-operation in this regard to ensure a healthy environment for your child. Please do not send your child to school if s/he has been ill during the night. Children who are recovering from illness or who are lethargic and listless, have no appetite or are weepy and tearful should be kept at home until they have fully recovered. The school reserves the right to send children who do not appear well home. Medication will only be administered as provided, communicated and signed by the parents and teacher in the medicine book. We will also require an up to date copy of your baby’s vaccination card.

8. Clothing

Please send your child to school in practical, comfortable clothing that will in no way inhibit his/her development. Children learn through their senses and by experimenting in their environment. Please allow your children to play and learn freely without being overly concerned about dirt or damage. Please send two sets of spare change of clothing to school in your child’s bag every day in case of an accident as well as a jersey or a warm outfit for cooler weather. All clothing should be clearly marked with your child’s name. We do have a lost property basket so please check if something does go missing. The lost property will be emptied at the end of each term and the contents donated to a charity. The school cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged clothing.

9. Refreshments and food

No food and snacks will be allowed from home. Lunch is a balanced, cooked meal based on a weekly menu, which is available on the notice board. Breakfast is served from 07:45 – 08:00. Please discuss any special dietary requirements and allergies with us. Please do not allow your child to bring sweets to school.

10. Progress reports and other communication

All children will receive a termly progress report.

11. Personal appointments

You are most welcome to discuss any problems with us. A personal interview can be arranged so that you and the teacher or principal may speak privately with no interruptions. Please do not discuss problems in front of your child.

12. Birthdays

Birthdays are a very special event in a child’s life and we would love to celebrate with your child. Parents are invited to send a cake and party packs to school on their child’s birthday. The teacher will organise a special birthday ring which parents are welcome to attend.

13. Notice of absence

Please phone the school if your child will be absent for any reason. Please notify the school if your child has a contagious disease.

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