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About our aftercare services

We understand that you work hard to enable the best possible future for your child, and like many others your child requires care and homework assistance whilst you are at work.

We offer Aftercare to assist your child with homework, provide a nutritional meal and afternoon snack as well as quality care and supervision to ensure the time you spend with your child after work is quality time and not a stressful time to rush and finish homework and projects.

Our programme includes:


Our quality teaching staff will ensure that homework is completed and projects are notified of in advance.

Nutritional meals

After homework our learners will be enjoy an afternoon snack and juice. 

Learners from GR 1 – GR 7  will receive a fresh lunch before starting with homework and projects.

Fun activities

Supervised activities and outdoor play can be enjoyed or learners may interact indoors in our lounge area with reading, drawing or other indoor activities.

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